Let’s get it sorted all the things this film isn’t. It isn’t an effective neo-noir thriller, despite some well constructed shots and a love of neon. It isn’t a complex, multi-layered narrative that demands the viewer to construct the pieces. It isn’t a beautiful evocation of cityscapes. So it’s not Blade Runner, Inception or 2046, although it quite wants to be.

But what it is mainly, is Robbie having a blast. She acted as producer and you can see why a script from a relative unknown who had only been second director previously, appealed to her. She plays Annie/bottle blond/sugar plum – a waitress/assassin/stripper who interacts across three intersecting story lines. These feature Simon Pegg’s dying English teacher, two hitmen and the obviously made up Mike Myers night watchman.

Narrative wise it’s a series of cliches and tropes. But it’s worth watching for Robbie alone, and particularly her scenes with Pegg (who underplays and is considerably less annoying than usual). Her character is a bit cockney Harley Quinn, but worth catching. It’s a movie that’s not as smart as it aspires to be, and tries hard for multiple twists, that leave you with a sense of ‘meh’ rather than ‘wow’. The final denouement in particular is bathing in bathos. But those reservation aside, relax and enjoy seeing a bona fide star at the top of her game, relishing a role without the pressure of high budget.

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