Ant Man and the Wasp

After Black Panther and Infinity War, the second AntMan outing returns to more mediocre form. It has our hero coming to the end of his house arrest after the Captain America: Civil War shenanigans. Inevitably his resolution to see it out is tested when Hope Van Dyne requires him to help locate her mother who went ‘sub atomic’ and has been lost in the Quantum Realm for years.

There’s some fun with shrinking and expanding suddenly, along with the Wasp. A not very memorable villain in the Ghost, and some gangsters to be overcome before we all get to go sub-atomic. Only Ant-Man can locate Janet Van Dyne of course, and holy clunky plot device, he only has two hours to do this before “the probability fields shift” or some such nonsense.

The comedy scenes seem laboured in this, with the quirky off piste dialogue discussions around truth serums rather pale compared with the meta-narrative fourth wall of Deadpool. It’s not a strong recommendation for a film when the most admirable scene is the post credit sequence, which links back into the Marvel universe. Apart from that, this felt like summer filler.

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