Let’s be honest, I was never going to be an advocate for this immature, male comedy. But the concept, and true(ish) life story of a group of friends playing a prolonged game of tag over 23 years appealed to my daughter, and I value any cinema trips together, so I put aside my reservations, bought my summer berries smoothie and ventured in.

It was about as bad as I expected. None of the characters are likeable, Jon Hamm is punchable, Jake Johnson wasted (in both senses) and Isla Fisher unconvincing. And it generates very few laughs. It’s obviously just a summer filler movie, which is fine, but it fails even by those meagre standards.

But what aggravated me throughout was the sense of indulgence and entitlement expected by, and afforded to, these men. They can trash a place, ruin events, expect support from women because their need to retain their sense of childhood outweighs all. Okay, I get that it’s exaggerated for (not much) comic effect, and the real tag players probably didn’t upset AA meetings for the LOLs. But that is irrelevant, the message that pervades this film is ‘hey, if (mainly white) guys wanna have, we must do all we can to allow it’. And everyone around them will find it oh, so hilarious.

My daughter tells me I’m miserable.

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