This site accompanies a book: 25 Years of Ed Tech, published under an open access licence (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) by Athabasca University Press. The PDF of the book can be downloaded for free from the Athabasca Press site. 

The book arose from a blog series I wrote to accompany the Association for Learning Technology‘s 25th anniversary. I wrote the book for a number of reasons, amongst them the historical amnesia that seems to beset much of educational technology and as a counter to the claim that higher education is incapable of change and innovation. I set out the aims of the book in the introduction, but in brief they are:

  • To provide a (but definitely not the) basis for shared understanding and common knowledge between practitioners who enter into the ed tech field.
  • To demonstrate a history of innovation and effective implementation of ed tech in higher education.
  • To draw out themes and lessons from the application of different educational technologies over an extended time period that can helpfully shape future implementation.
  • To highlight the necessity of a critical approach in ed tech.
  • To provide an alternative historical narrative for ed tech to counteract the year zero, disruption based one.

In this site I’ve gathered together some accompanying resources and will blog about the book itself, and possible updates. If you use the book or have any comments on it, please drop me a comment on here.


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