Aladdin sane

Devils 5 – 0 Clan

The Devils started with Murdy in net and Lord on the bench. The Clan are still recruiting and only had 8 imports and played with a bench of 16 including 3 youngsters, so this was never going to be an even match. The Devils lines swapped around but were mainly Benti, Martin, Pope; Haddad, Asselin, Ulmer; Crowder, Mo, Faryna (with Resnick dropping in occasionally); Myers, Moore, Batch. This was a good opportunity to see the Brit fourth line in action, with Batch in his new forward role. He’s played in this position in his youth and filled in on occasion under Lord.

Some early chances went to the Clan, but when Doty picked up a penalty, a congregation around the net saw Mo dig it out and Faryna shovelled it home. The 4th line put in a few big hits to exert some dominance and Nie saved from a good chance by Batch. Towards the end of the first the Clan netminder saw of a relentless series of shots from the likes of Reddick and Ulmer. He looked impressive, but must have been dreading a further 45 minutes of this. Only when the Devils took a couple of penalties dud the game begin to look even handed. But eventually a second for the Devils came on a delayed penalty courtesy of a neat backhand pass from Fournier to Pope to finish.

The second period was relentless from the Devils. Nie was swapped out for Russell, who was greeted with a drop pass from Martin for Benti to fire home. The two weeks extra training the Devils have over the Clan and the difference in bench size began to tell as the Clan were trapped in their zone. They dumped out to relieve pressure but even the shot total of 26-10 flattered them. The third period yielded the fourth goal for the Devils when a scuffed shot from Braehead gave Benti a one on one with Russell and he found the five hole. An easy period ticked down and ended with Faryna wrapping it up in close on the nettie for a 5-0 victory. This meant the Aladdin cup, whatever that is, was the Devils first silverware, and they accepted it with some embarrassment afterwards. The opposition were at such a disadvantage that it was difficult to tell anything about either team. Nie looks impressive, and Peacock was competitive as ever. The Devils looked confident and assertive, with Reddick and Paris powerful, speedy additions to defence and Faryna useful around the net.

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