These blue tits were nesting in this post. Feeding chicks is a non-stop business, I watched two of them fly in and out continually for about five minutes. I managed to catch this one on exit, by having the camera on sports mode and taking about 100 photos. Even then, he was gone in the next photo, they’re so fast. I wonder if anyone thought I was odd, standing there photographing an old post on sports mode…

Love hearts

I think there is an unwritten law that everyone doing photo a day has to do a love heart sweet shot at some point. My daughter left these in the van, so I a) blipped them and b) ate them.

Finishing the Bob Graham Round

While we were in Keswick we witnessed this chap (Paul Tierney [url=!/irunmountains]@irunmountains[/url]) finish the [url=]Bob Graham Round[/url]. This is an insane running challenge, taking in 42 peaks, 74 miles in less than 24 hours. He did it in just under 18.
It was interesting to see the finish, there was a very small welcoming committee, and everyone involved does it just for the love it, there’s no money involved. And yet it’s an amazing achievement. The next time I see a celebrity singer or sportstar justifying their massive earnings because they’ve worked so hard, think of people who do this, for no reward other the achievement itself.

Derwent water

We are up in the Lake District for a few days (for our anniversary). We are staying at the camping and caravan site in Keswick. This is a great place as it’s right on the lake, this photo was taken about 50 metres from my van, and also just a short walk into the town.

Reading matter

I had a piece in the [url=]Chronicle of Higher Ed last month[/url] and today the paper copy arrived. I didn’t even know there was a paper copy. It’s strange though, that even as confirmed digital kinda guy, it still induces a warm feeling to see your name in real print.

Half mast

Whenever a current or past employee of the OU passes away, the flag is flown at half mast. We used to get an email around saying who it was lowered for, but I don’t recall seeing one for a while. I wonder if now that we’ve been going for so long and have had so many employees, it’s too frequent an occurrence now.
Wonders if they’ll lower it for me one day…