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Songs: Ohio

This striking art work is an album by Songs: Ohio called The Magnolia Electric Co. Or is it? Because confusingly after this the band changed their name to The Magnolia Electric Co. This album doesn’t say Songs: Ohio on it, so not sure if it is the first album under the new moniker. Still with me? Anyway it’s heartbreaking alt country, indie rock

Sister Feelings Call

Today’s album is an early one from Simple Minds. Before they became overblown and bombastic Simple Minds released some interesting stuff. They tend to be a band that gets forgotten from the 80s, and not remembered with the same affection as new order or the Smiths. Probably because they became a bit embarrassing & too successful. Anyway I picked this up for £4 in the market

Shades of Blue

Today’s album is Madlib, Shades of Blue. DJ, producer & rapper Madlib was given access to the legendary jazz label Blue Note’s archive. He produced this jazz/hip hop fusion double album which is very cool. Picked this up in Spillers the other day.

The Colour of Spring

I’ve not been blipping much recently but over the holidays quite a lot of vinyl has been acquired one way or another. So I’m going to do an album a day for a bit. You may want to unfollow.
Today Talk Talk’s the Colour of Spring- they started out in the new romantic movement in the 80s, but became much more interesting with this and subsequent albums which were very atmospheric. Picked this up in a sale after Christmas