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The Establishment

I went to UWE today for an excellent OER session organised by Terry McAndrew, and then completely forgot to take any pics. So apologies for this boring one. I’m currently reading Owen Jones’s The Establishment. It’s an excellent book, he’s such a good writer. He doesn’t go in for conspiracy theory, but rather how the process operates and where we are now. I particularly like his analysis of how the media creates a very narrow window as to what is acceptable political thought.

Let down

I sauntered out of the house at 6.45 to drive up to Milton Keynes only to be confronted by a flat tyre. There are few sadder sights than a flat tyre, it’s air of disappointment and futility all sagging there. I have one of those fabulous new spare wheels which isn’t really a spare wheel and you can only do 50 miles on it. So I had to get it replaced. This left me with a dilemma – by the time I got it replaced and got to MK I would have missed two meetings. So I may as well stay home and do those by skype. So I did, and a nice man is coming to replace the tyre on the drive tomorrow. Actually I don’t know if he’s nice. I’m assuming.


Daughter and I are having some kind of alternative olympics. I beat her at bowling, and this horseopoly, then she thrashed me at Connect 4. This game is a direct copy of Monopoly but not made by Hasbro. I guess it must just differ enough not to infringe copyright.
We’ve always liked board games, prompted me to get some more.