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Fly tipping

Two big piles of fly tipping on the Taff Trail today. I reported them and Cardiff council are pretty good at responding. It makes me angry though – they had strewn this stuff from a house clearance across the path & there was broken glass everywhere, like they wanted to cause as much damage as possible. Who does that? I met a woman with a baby in a pram who was visibly upset by it all.

It’s the hope that kills

When the election was called I was resigned to a Tory landslide but since then labour have improved & May has gone into a tail spin. For a moment you think a progressive alliance might be possible – we could be a forward looking country. But the latest polls suggest it’ll come out similar to now – but even worse as May has now been weakened and so will do anything to placate the hard right and the Tory press, so things are going to get much, much worse. But hey, it ain’t over till it’s over