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Castell Coch overlooking the Taff

[url=]Castell Coch[/url] is a ‘faux’ castle, or a folly, built to resemble medieval castles in the 1870s by the Marquess of Bute. I guess as time progresses there won’t be much distinction between it being a real castle and a mock one.
I’ll probably do a few shots from the vantage point. I like to think of it as ‘our castle’.

Castell Coch

My new regular running route brings me out of the forest right by [url=]Castell Coch[/url]. It’s nice to be able to run past a castle, even if it is a bit of a faux one. The sun wasn’t long up today and was lighting up the red/pinky brickwork nicely

Melingriffith Water Pump

Taken while out for a run – I always go past this water pump, which was restored recently: [url=][/url] but I never see it in operation. There is a seating area in front but it’s always locked so had to take this photo from behind bars.
There’s quite an interesting history about [url=]Melingriffith[/url], a village that has disappeared really and been subsumed.