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Pokemon GO

When my daughter was about 6 we spent a few months playing Pokemon Diamond on her Nintendo DS. It was a really good game, she could progress, didn’t get frustrated, we worked on strategies together, etc. So, when she came round tonight we downloaded Pokemon GO. I won’t go into all the issues and stories that are going around. It was quite fun to see a Pokemon in the real world. But I think it’ll wear off quickly for me. It’s a long complex game and I don’t want to be wandering around doing this. But I did think if there was a whodunnit or crime noir one where you had to find clues around your neighbourhood, that would be quite fun.


For the first time I’ve engaged in a bit of a run streak. This involves running every day. The rules state it has to be at least a mile. I’ve been doing my 4.4 mile loop most days, a couple of 2 milers & a couple of long runs. It’s quite tiring – I’ve been having daily naps like an old man (oh, wait, I am an old man). Anyway – made it to day 18. The test is now if I can keep it up with conferences & work.

A new home?

So all the blipfoto liquidation stuff has made me think about moving photos onto my own site. I have a flickr account, and used that for the first two years of photo a day. But I thought I’d use my hosted server site to set up a WordPress site for it. It is at: [url=] [/url](still playing about with it). I transferred all of this year’s photos. It’s a slog to do it manually.
The thing is, I always knew this was the safest thing to do, but you don’t get the community when you self host, that’s why you come to specialist sites. I’m lucky in that I have a big twitter network that operates independently of Blip, but for a lot of people, this place is their community. Still, it’s a company, not a human right, so was always fragile.

H818 conference

In IET we run a Masters programme, one element of which is a course called H818 The Networked Practitioner. It culminates in an online conference for the students (spread over three days). Each student does a 15 minute presentation about an elearning project of their choice that they have developed over the course. In each of the three days there is also a keynote, and it was my turn last night. This is the second year we have run it, and the level of presentations and research on display is remarkable. I had my doubts as to whether this format would work, but I think students really get a lot out of it, and it provides a great culmination to the course.
Doesn’t make for a great photo though, but I spent from 7.30 am to 9.30 pm in front of my computer yesterday, so not much choice. Yes, you can break out the violins.

Disconnect room mk2

I blipped at the start of the year I had created a[url=] non-screen room[/url]. My daughter then decided she preferred this room to her bigger room upstairs, so we spent yesterday shifting her stuff down and moving this stuff up. It is more accurately a disconnect room, no internet devices allowed in here.