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Art History pass

Got notification that I’d passed my Art History MA with the OU today (it is only pass or distinction and I knew I wouldn’t get a distinction). Pleased to have seen it through – I was a pretty poor student but I found it rewarding.
I now have 3 masters if anyone wants a spare one :)

St Teilo’s research

For my MA in art history I’m doing a thesis on the murals in St Teilo’s church, which was restored and moved to St Fagans museum. I contacted them and today i spent with a researcher who helped me go through the archives. It was very generous of them & really interesting. Bought this book afterward

Post study supping

Worked on my Arts History assignment all day – haven’t had time to study with work. I’m close to quitting but may try and get just any mark for this and hope to regroup in April.
Had a glass of this apple liqueur which my Canadian friends brought over to mark the end of the day

Gwen John

I’m doing the final assignment of my Art History course on Welsh artist [url=]Gwen John[/url]. We have to develop a research question concerning the display of a work of art. I have chosen one of hers, so yesterday went into Cardiff National Museum to do some research (how the placement of her work relates to other artists, etc). I picked up some Gwen John swag while I was there, for inspiration when I’m writing. A book, a reproduction of “A Girl in Profile”, and yes, a mug.


Forgot to blip this a while back, my certificate for my Masters in History from the OU turned up while I was away. It was a good course, but I wasn’t a good student, particularly when it came to the dissertation, so I was pleased with a merit. It was interesting to take a course in a subject I didn’t know much about (my degree was in Psychology and post-grad in Artificial Intelligence).
I think I’ll sign up for the [url=]MA in Art History,[/url] starting in September.


Went into Cardiff Library early to get some books for my history MA. This is the sculpture [url=]Alliance[/url], seen from the 4th floor. Apparently it rises with the tide, I hadn’t realised that.

Course completed

I’m doing the [url=]MA in history at the OU[/url]. The first course lasts about 18 months and takes you through various themes of 19th century local British & Irish history. It ends with an assignment where you propose a project for the second part of the masters. I submitted mine today. Unlike the other assignments this had to be printed and so I handed it in on campus. This is my proof of receipt.
Assuming it’s a pass, the project will start in May time.