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So here’s a story

My daughter looked through the drawers in my office and said “what’s this?” It was a parcel that had been sent to me in 2015 with these gifts in it. Someone had signed for it in my absence & put it in my drawer. But I never look in my drawers and so it has sat there undiscovered. The sender must have thought I was very rude not to thank them for it.
There is a metaphor here about the benefits of bringing in novel thinking to the work place


I decided to shave my beard off today. Two things drove me to it: 1) I saw a picture of Noel Edmunds and felt my beard resembled his too much for comfort 2) I’ve had this cough and caught a reflection of myself coughing in a mirror. I looked like an old tramp.
My daughter was dismayed and has said she won’t give me a kiss until I grow it back.

Team OERKix

[url=]The OER Research Hub[/url] had a team outing tonight to the [url=]Airkix indoor skydiving[/url] thing in Milton Keynes. We had two 1 minute goes each, including a stomach churning high fly whiz to the top. Was good fun.