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Today we got back the ashes of our labrador Sandy. I wasn’t convinced on doing this, but daughter wanted to, so I thought it might help. I don’t really know what to do with them. Or even how to refer to them – when the vet called me they said “Sandy has been returned to us” (which brought to mind Stephen King’s Pet Sematary), and I didn’t know what the right term was to use in reply “I’ll pick her/it/them up”.


This my labrador, Sandy. She is 10.5 years old which is getting on a bit for a lab. She has had a few bouts of illness over the past year, and after the most recent round we had The Talk. But she rallied and seems happy and healthy at the moment. Here she enjoys the 15 minutes of sunshine we enjoyed today. Here’s to ya Sandy.

Cold Knap

Needed to do some thinking today so took dogs down to [url=]Cold Knap[/url] in Barry. I arrived as something akin to a hurricane hit. Bracing is the term. The dogs didn’t enjoy it much either. But I got some thinking done.