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Finisher (at least)

Apologies for a) back blipping and b) marathon related blips. Back to normal after this. As I said yesterday, was a bit disappointed I’d struggled at 4.5 hrs around the marathon, but as my wife pointed out the t-shirt doesn’t say ‘Finisher in a rubbish time’, it just says ‘Finisher’. I guess, finishing is good enough sometimes

Nice-Cannes marathon

We completed the marathon today. I had been a bit complacent about training, often only running twice a week. And surprise, it was tough. We finished in 4hrs 30 mins – my wife was fine and could’ve gone faster – I really struggled. The moral is you can’t skip the training.
Still it was a great route, very well organised, fantastic support and fine weather.

New shoes

I tried out my new running shoes today. I usually go with Asics but have decided to try some Mizuno Waves. About 2 years ago I had to stop running for a few months because I developed hip bursitis, so I need good cushioning on my trainers. It’s the Cardiff Half on Sunday so that’ll be a good test for them.