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Autumnal run

Having been away for a week I really noticed how much autumn has set in on my return.
Went out for a quick run before sleeping a lot. I managed to keep my run streak going in SA. Sometimes it required an heroic effort, for instance when I arrived after 27 hours of travel. I only did 1 mile, which is hardly worth it but it kept the streak going. And then after Brian Lamb [i]made[/i] me drink too much beer, I managed a 3 miler the next day. It will be good to get back to a normal routine now.

Cardiff Half

Did the Cardiff Half today. I finished in 2:01, which was my slowest time in the 10 years I’ve been doing it, but I was actually quite happy with that. I’ve been doing the run streak thing and had set the half as my first target, so today marked day 51.
The Cardiff Half is lovely, the whole city comes out to support, with bands playing, people cheering and offering sweets. It gives even a cynic like me a fuzzy feeling.

Etihad Stadium

For this morning’s run I went up to the Etihad and back. It was 7am so not much happening there.
PS – I was tempted to call this shot “Old Trafford” to see if I could get any angry Man City fan responses, but life’s too short (and mine would probably have been shorter)