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Well, well

My pessimism last night was ill founded (still you can’t blame me for having pessimism as default mode). What a strange night – my constituency went back to labour overturning a 2k Tory majority, with a 77% turnout.

It’s the hope that kills

When the election was called I was resigned to a Tory landslide but since then labour have improved & May has gone into a tail spin. For a moment you think a progressive alliance might be possible – we could be a forward looking country. But the latest polls suggest it’ll come out similar to now – but even worse as May has now been weakened and so will do anything to placate the hard right and the Tory press, so things are going to get much, much worse. But hey, it ain’t over till it’s over

Vote for me

Got a “letter” from Teresa May today as I live in a marginal seat. I’m a realist, I understand people will have reasons to vote Tory. But the pitch they’re making that they’re the party to be trusted over Brexit beggars belief. It’s as if it is a force of nature rather than something they needlessly created. And have then gone on to do the worst job imaginable in managing it. But in a post truth world you claim the positives for yourself that are actually your faults, as Trump did.

Stand up to racism rally

Daughter and I went to a stand up to racism rally at Cardiff uni tonight. I sometimes feel these events are more about making ourselves feel better than actually achieving anything. But it was good, all the speakers were articulate and daughter came away inspired. It did feel like being back in the 70s, with rock against racism and the like. This is where we are now.

Dogs are still here

After the calamitous events in America overnight it was hard to do anything today. It’s not just that my choice didn’t win but that someone so fundamentally unqualified for the job gets it, makes you think “what’s the point of any of it?”
But had to work on a course today which was actually distracting enough. And Bruno was still here, needing affection & walks & food.

The food of farce

After the tragedy of June 23rd the country has very quickly descended into farce, as Marmitegate attests. 2016 is so Kafkaesque now that Kafka would have dismissed it as too injust and random. I am practically snorting this stuff now by the hour to get through.