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Don’t stop

My latest vinyl (re)acquisition is The Stone Roses. I think this was the last time I was really obsessed by music. It’s worth having on vinyl because, as we discovered when a bit worse for wear in Kingston in 1990, if you play Don’t Stop backwards it is the preceding track, Waterfall.

Spinning vinyl

Bought myself a turntable & picked up a couple of vinyl albums today. This means buying albums for 20 quid which I used to own. There was something lovely about reliving the experience of turning a record over, choosing a side, reading the sleeve notes, etc.

Gentleman’s Dub Club

We saw this band at Nozstock festival & daughter saw they were in town so we went to the Tramshed in Cardiff. This was her first proper gig, and it was a good choice. They’re a lively band and it was like a big party. Was kinda nice to be in a place where people were just enjoying themselves at the end of this week.


As a teenage boy, I listened to a lot of Springsteen (it was my only nod to non-punk). I sort of stopped around the time of Born in the USA, but Nebraska remains a favourite. I bought his autobiography today which has been getting good reviews.

Hanging with j5

Festival day 2. The proximity to people ALL the time is a bit wearing for an introvert. But we’ve seen some great bands, topped off tonight by Jurassic 5. They hung around the stage after and daughter got her hat sighed & photo taken. She was v happy so good dad points were earned,


Daughter is into hip hop & rap legends Jurassic 5 are playing at this small festival. So here I am – I think The Cure headlined the last festival I went to. It’s quite a small, family friendly festival so let’s see if I survive

Bragging about Hay

Daughter and I went to the Hay Festival today. We saw Jim Baggott talk about science of creation and then Billy Bragg in conversation (he sang a few songs as well). Bragg was very engaging, and afterwards chatted for ages with people queuing to get his book signed ([url=]I have a signed copy[/url] already of course)