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Chepstow races

Daughter is with me for 3 weeks but as the holiday budget was blown on Chicago earlier in the year, we are having a staycation. Being a teenager she doesn’t get up until midday so it works quite well – I work in the mornings & take half day in the afternoons.
Today we went to Chepstow races where I won only on one race out of 7. It was actually decent weather though, the first time I can remember that at the races.


Daughter was back today, so she wanted to go up the stables this evening. The fact that it was raining miserably didn’t deter her. She hasn’t jumped Brandy before so we set up a course with some low jumps to get him used to it. I got very wet. Considering I don’t really like horses I seem to spend a lot of my time around them. It’s a shame she couldn’t have got an interest in something I like, say becoming a fromagier or something.