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I went to the final day of the Euro hockey championships today – Wales lost to Italy in the 3rd 4th play off and Belarus beat Russia in the final. This means they get promotion to the top group of hockey. They were a delightful team, really enjoying their game.

Cardiff Fire

Tonight we went to see Cardiff Fire play. They are 3 divisions below Cardiff Devils, but it was a playoff semi final game. I think it’s analogous to methadone – not as good as the real thing but better than nothing.
Game was pretty good – ended 4-4 and then Fire won in penalty shoot out, taking them through to final. We can drag the hockey season out a bit more!


We are in Nottingham for the final playoff weekend. After a dramatic comeback last Sunday the Devils made it.
Unfortunately they forgot they actually have to play when they’re here too. They were awful, and we lost 6-2 to Coventry. This meant a season where we were in the running for all three trophies has ended with nothing. That’s always the danger of going for all three I guess.
So, Paris Thursday, Nottingham, Saturday. The romance.

Lacing up

Went for a skate before the Devils game tonight. This was a quarter final to get to the playoff weekend next week. We were awful and lost 4-2 to Dundee. We have tomorrow night to pull it back though

The Code

This is current bedside reading. It’s about fighting in ice hockey. It’s an odd thing, ice hockey is the only team sport where fighting is allowed, but there is a very strict code about it. The book isn’t really glorifying fighting but exploring the code and how some people view it as a positive (the argument is that knowing if you mess with someone the enforcer will get you, stops dirty play), but also lists the injuries and damage it causes.
There is a Cardiff Devil supporter, [url=]Victoria Silverwood[/url] who did a PhD in this concept of legitimised violence. She’s publishing a book on it soon, which will be an interesting accompaniment to this.