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Tunnel of the Dead

There is a forest on the other side of the valley that doesn’t seem to have any paths, so today Bruno and I set out to explore it. We found the old railway track which led eventually to this closed up tunnel. I’m pretty certain a species of vampiric beasts live in here, coming out at night to feast on the locals.
I tried to find a path over the top of the tunnel, but it became very narrow and then disappeared altogether. There was a steep 300 foot drop the other side which Bruno and I found ourselves sliding down at one point, so I abandoned and turned back.

Taffs Well thermal spring

Walked Bruno the the [url=]thermal spring in Taffs Well[/url]┬átoday. It’s situated at the back of the park and has a little information audio thing you can play. Apparently it takes 5000 years for the water to find it’s way back to the surface, and it has a temperature of 21C.

Lime kilns

These are [url=]old lime kilns in the wood[/url]s near Caerphilly, where I took the dogs for a walk today.
There is a lot of limestone around here, and these kilns were used to convert it to lime, which was used as soil fertiliser. There is a political dimension to this, as the farmers of west wales who had poor soil, needed lime, and the transport of this was subject to high toll gate charges. This was the instigator (although not sole factor) for the [url=]Rebecca Riots[/url] of 1839-1843.

Walnut Tree Viaduct

This is just outside my village. When I used to come and visit my wife’s family we would drive past it and I thought it had been erected especially to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. It was a rather odd tribute I thought. But later I discovered it was one of the old remaining uprights for the rather grand [url=]Walnut Tree Viaduct [/url]. This was built in 1901 to carry coal from Merthyr to Cardiff docks. In an act of historical vandalism the viaduct was destroyed in 1974.
There’s also an interesting story of the relevance of the monarchy here I think: Silver Jubilee, big effort made; Golden Jubilee, “ok, we’ll put up a token message”; Diamond Jubilee “Oh, you’re just taking the piss now”.