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St Teilo’s research

For my MA in art history I’m doing a thesis on the murals in St Teilo’s church, which was restored and moved to St Fagans museum. I contacted them and today i spent with a researcher who helped me go through the archives. It was very generous of them & really interesting. Bought this book afterward

Tunnel of the Dead

There is a forest on the other side of the valley that doesn’t seem to have any paths, so today Bruno and I set out to explore it. We found the old railway track which led eventually to this closed up tunnel. I’m pretty certain a species of vampiric beasts live in here, coming out at night to feast on the locals.
I tried to find a path over the top of the tunnel, but it became very narrow and then disappeared altogether. There was a steep 300 foot drop the other side which Bruno and I found ourselves sliding down at one point, so I abandoned and turned back.

Taffs Well thermal spring

Walked Bruno the the [url=]thermal spring in Taffs Well[/url]┬átoday. It’s situated at the back of the park and has a little information audio thing you can play. Apparently it takes 5000 years for the water to find it’s way back to the surface, and it has a temperature of 21C.