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Went to the Cardiff City – Reading game today. Cardiff just needed to match the result of Fulham to get promoted to the premiership. Fulham lost to Birmingham while Cardiff drew. Cue pitch invasion and a lot of happy fans

Champions league

Went to see the Women’s Champions League final tonight between Lyon & Paris (in Cardiff). There was a crowd of 22,000. Unfortunately it was a rather dull game – one of those where both teams are afraid of losing & defences are on top and you can’t see goals coming. Sure enough it ended 0-0 after extra time & went to penalties, with Lyon winning (deservedly). The Lyon number 3 & 5 were particularly impressive I thought.

City goal

As well as going to Coventry for the ice hockey on Boxing Day another Christmas tradition (i.e. This is the second year we’ve done it) is to see Cardiff City play over the Christmas break. We went to see them against Villa today. It was a good game and they won 1-0. It’s not as good as ice hockey though.

The homecoming parade

Wales had a homecoming parade today after Euro16. We got tickets for the free event in the Cardiff City stadium, and this is the bus arriving with Bale, Ramsay and co on board. The Manics played three songs, and then they interviewed the team and replayed the campaign. It was a very communal, joyous evening. Haven’t had many of those recently.

End game

I was up and down to London today, then rushed home to catch the Wales Portugal game. The Cardiff fanzone had been moved from Coopers Field to the Millennium stadium. You had to get (free) tickets for this which sold out immediately. So we went to the one in Pontypridd instead.
Wales didn’t quite click in this game and their fabulous run came to an end. Personally I think it’s because they moved the Cardiff fanzone. The games have provided some joy in these post brexit days.