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The food of farce

After the tragedy of June 23rd the country has very quickly descended into farce, as Marmitegate attests. 2016 is so Kafkaesque now that Kafka would have dismissed it as too injust and random. I am practically snorting this stuff now by the hour to get through.

The teriyaki gang

I don’t really have a photo today – was busy catching up on work after 3 days out. I found I have 3 bottles of teriyaki in my cupboard – every time I go shopping I think “do I have teriyaki? I can’t remember, best get some”. I like teriyaki

Posh Indian

Went for a meal at the Purple Poppadom tonight with Amy Burvall and Steve Wheeler who were visiting Cardiff, and Simon Horrocks. Was jolly nice, this was their award winning sea bass dish.

10th blog birthday

Today marked 10 years since I started blogging. I [url=]blogged (of course) about it.[/url] I also had a lemon cake and I dug out some candles from the cupboard. Yes I was on my own. I didn’t light the candles, I wouldn’t want you to think I was some kind of sad loser after all.