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Don’t take me home – the movie

Today was St David’s day and there were some special screenings of the documentary about Wales Euro championship adventure last summer. My daughter and I went to one and the film’s director and Chris Coleman were there to introduce it.
It was a lovely film that caught the joyful atmosphere about the team. It’s also an odd experience to sit in a cinema and see a film about your last summer. I couldn’t spot us in the fan zone or homecoming footage though. It’s a nice capture of a particular moment, one I can show the grandchildren one day…

The book of the film

I’ve bored people before about how much I like the movie Jaws. I hadn’t read the novel and someone got me this for my birthday. It’s definitely a case of the film being better than the book, but it’s interesting to read to discern the decisions they made to transform it into a great movie.

Rogue One

Daughter broke up from school today so we decided to go into town and see Rogue One. It was very enjoyable – after a summer of awful blockbusters this one got it right, and neither of us are massive Star Wars fans.
Plus – only £4!