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Rogue One

Daughter broke up from school today so we decided to go into town and see Rogue One. It was very enjoyable – after a summer of awful blockbusters this one got it right, and neither of us are massive Star Wars fans.
Plus – only £4!


Was driving back from daughter’s drumming lesson tonight when we saw this dramatic sunset light over the hills. It reminded me of Spielberg’s phrase “godlight” which he has used to great effect (think Close Encounters)

Jaws night

Okay, I know, I blipped about Jaws a few times. They were showing it in the local school hall tonight, so I had to go. The guy who introduced it may have been more of a Jaws nut than me.

This is my 1000th blip apparently. Every one of them a carefully crafted photographic masterpiece, I’m sure you’ll agree