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A houseful

People often comment they loving having their house full, and usually that means the return of 3 or 4 children, grandkids, siblings etc. My version of this is daughter is at home & also have pip over for a couple of days. Hectic!

The wrong behaviour

Not a pleasant picture but I think it’s an interesting example of how people transfer the wrong behaviour. This is up in the forest, there are no bins and yet people still pick up dog poo in bags, Then, when they can’t find a bin they all dump it by a tree. This is unhelpful in three ways: it’s ugly, it adds plastic to the environment and the poo won’t break down because it’s inside a bag.
Picking your dog poo up in a bag is very good thing to do in the city. And people transfer that good, urban behaviour to a rural setting. Here it is inappropriate, because in a large forest what you should do is flick it to one side with a stick. This is now my metaphor for when people take an existing beneficial behaviour and apply it in a different context where it is not only not useful, but actually harmful. You can probably supply your own educational, historical or political example for when this happens.

Not a dog

I have shifted over my tropical fish tank to coldwater and bought a couple of fantails today. They’re nice and everything, but I’m missing my dog, and with Sandy gone, I’m seeing less of Pip too. I neeeeeed a dog!