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Pokemon GO

When my daughter was about 6 we spent a few months playing Pokemon Diamond on her Nintendo DS. It was a really good game, she could progress, didn’t get frustrated, we worked on strategies together, etc. So, when she came round tonight we downloaded Pokemon GO. I won’t go into all the issues and stories that are going around. It was quite fun to see a Pokemon in the real world. But I think it’ll wear off quickly for me. It’s a long complex game and I don’t want to be wandering around doing this. But I did think if there was a whodunnit or crime noir one where you had to find clues around your neighbourhood, that would be quite fun.

Bragging about Hay

Daughter and I went to the Hay Festival today. We saw Jim Baggott talk about science of creation and then Billy Bragg in conversation (he sang a few songs as well). Bragg was very engaging, and afterwards chatted for ages with people queuing to get his book signed ([url=]I have a signed copy[/url] already of course)