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Because I bought a Clash poster a while back, Ebay, via facebook recommended this purchase: London Calling cufflinks. I found this hilariously ironic, the icon of punk rebellion being used for that most middle-class accessory, the cufflink. Joe Strummer would spin in his grave. But in a post-ironic way, I bought them anyway. Alanis Morissette probably wouldn’t understand why it was ironic.

Elbow Patch of Power

It’s long been a cliche that teachers and lecturers have elbow patches on their jackets. A sort of boring man’s badge of honour. I’ve not had elbow patches before, but they’ve kind of become retro-chic now, so I bought this John Rocha jacket yesterday in the sales complete with elbow patch. I feel it will convey me with superpowers: The Elbow Patch of Awesome Sagacity!

PS – it is retro-chic isn’t it?

MOOKs – agrophobic

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are all the rage now. By chance I found this old t-shirt from about 5 years ago. I had forgotten it bore this legend. I’m not sure what MOOKs were in this context, but I like the idea of being agrophobic – by which I guess they mean against aggression. Or maybe not. Anyway, this t-shirt proves that I invented MOOCs.