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Don’t take me home – the movie

Today was St David’s day and there were some special screenings of the documentary about Wales Euro championship adventure last summer. My daughter and I went to one and the film’s director and Chris Coleman were there to introduce it.
It was a lovely film that caught the joyful atmosphere about the team. It’s also an odd experience to sit in a cinema and see a film about your last summer. I couldn’t spot us in the fan zone or homecoming footage though. It’s a nice capture of a particular moment, one I can show the grandchildren one day…

City goal

As well as going to Coventry for the ice hockey on Boxing Day another Christmas tradition (i.e. This is the second year we’ve done it) is to see Cardiff City play over the Christmas break. We went to see them against Villa today. It was a good game and they won 1-0. It’s not as good as ice hockey though.