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We played the Nottingham Panthers tonight – we were 3-0 down in 5 minutes, the first period ended 5-0 and we lost 8-0 overall. It was woeful.
(But I post this on Monday and the next night they played fantastically to beat Steelers 3-2, so hey, that’s sport)

Air the bear

In a game around Christmas it is tradition at ice hockey games for everyone to bring a cuddly toy, which is thrown on the ice after the home team score their first goal. These are then given to charity. We played Edinburgh Capitals tonight & won 6-2. I stand at the back so my bear hit someone in the first row but was then deposited on the ice

Vendetta time

It was the first home game of the season tonight, against Braehead Clan. Trevor Hendrikx who played for us for 2 seasons & is now at Clan was returning for the first time. It’s fair to say he’s quite bitter about being traded. Within the first couple of minutes he started a fight with Lord (his old coach), and then refused to shake hands at the end. His penalty led to us scoring and we beat them 5-1, so in the end it wasn’t a smart move.
Still, there’s not many jobs where you visit the old place & have a big fisticuffs fight with your old boss, and not get arrested for it.