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Davos hockey

We played our first game in the European cup tonight against Davos. They thrashed us 10-1, it was a steep learning curve for the players as the refereeing is different and the pace of Davos was more than we could handle. But it was a great night – there were about 100 of us there and we stayed behind long after the final buzzer, singing.

Krefeld Penguins

German team Krefeld were in town tonight for a friendly. They finished bottom of their league & we finished top of ours but the German league is generally considered superior. So it was a good test to see if there was a gulf between the leagues. It turns out not much – we beat them easily 6-2.

Welcome to the epic

Tonight we played the Steelers in the play off final. Having won the league, the cup & the conference trophies this was a chance at a grand slam. We went 3-1 up, 5-4 down, equalised at 5-5 and then went into overtime. This ended goalless so we had a 5th period. It was like the final round in a Rocky movie both teams exhausted and just slugging away on instinct. Then the steelers got the golden goal. It was heartbreaking but it was a great season