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Back out

Bruno has been in kennels for over a week. He’s been doing well in there, he likes the people and enjoys going in, but it was good to have him back. His head tilt is still evident but his walking is better.

Head tilt

After his second stroke in a month last week Bruno has been left with a head tilt. He had a check up with the vets today. He seems to have pulled through, he still falls over a bit and bashes into things, but he’s not suffering. So immediate concern has passed, we’ll just see if he has another stroke.

Bruno watch

Bruno went back to the vets yesterday – it was definitely another stroke. Vet said they can recover from this. He walks in circles & falls over a lot but isn’t particularly distressed. Anyway we’ll monitor him over the weekend and he sees the vet on Monday again. We’re entering “difficult decision” territory, but he might pull through.

Dog down

Bruno had a rough night – his leg paralysis hit again and he was stumbling around, crashing into things. He was very distressed and I could only get him to sleep by holding him.
Took him to vets and she thinks it might be brain tumour. It’s certainly worse than a few weeks ago when he recovered quickly. He seems very disoriented, so we’ll see how it goes.

A houseful

People often comment they loving having their house full, and usually that means the return of 3 or 4 children, grandkids, siblings etc. My version of this is daughter is at home & also have pip over for a couple of days. Hectic!

Sofa day

Bruno seems to be getting used to his wobbly legs. I can’t tell if he’s getting better or just accustomed to it. I tried taking him for a walk and he struggled over 10 metres and we turned around at the top of the street. I felt rough still, having a day off work even though we had a big meeting. We both pretty much slept all day.

Person for the blind dog

Bruno’s eyesight has been noticeably deteriorating over the past few months. He often walks into things and when he’s looking for me, won’t notice me unless I make a big movement (like those movement sensitive lights in offices).
The vet said he’s practically blind. It’s worse than I’d appreciated because he gets used to being at home. Of course, dogs have strong sense of smell so it’s not as dramatic as it is for a person. But I need to make sure I give him lots of physical contact.