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Happy Brunoversary

It was a year ago today that I adopted Bruno. It’s not always been easy being a single dog parent – he’s had to go into kennels when I travel & I have to get away early sometimes to get back to him. But overall it’s been great – he’d been in the home for 6 months because he was old and a staffie. He’s super affectionate and just wants a home. He is also very good at listening to my thoughts on open education

Dogs are still here

After the calamitous events in America overnight it was hard to do anything today. It’s not just that my choice didn’t win but that someone so fundamentally unqualified for the job gets it, makes you think “what’s the point of any of it?”
But had to work on a course today which was actually distracting enough. And Bruno was still here, needing affection & walks & food.

Bring the storm

I took Bruno to Ogmore beach today. It was a stormy day so it’d be fairly quiet I thought. But I had managed to coincide my visit with a Dachshund club meeting. There were hundreds of the yappy little beasts. Bruno was most perplexed as they all growled and snarled at him. Then it rained so heavily I thought I might cry. We came home