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Proper Job

A sneaky mid week beer. I like that there is a wide range of beers available in supermarkets now, but there is a bit of regret that you don’t get that sense of only being able to get a beer in its locality now. I used to enjoy being in Cornwall and finding Proper Job or Doombar and that being part of the holiday.

10th blog birthday

Today marked 10 years since I started blogging. I [url=]blogged (of course) about it.[/url] I also had a lemon cake and I dug out some candles from the cupboard. Yes I was on my own. I didn’t light the candles, I wouldn’t want you to think I was some kind of sad loser after all.

Phonics beer

Popped Bruno down the refurbished local today. They boast having a guest ale, but it seems to be a Brains guest ale, which tastes like most of the other Brains beers. This one is named after the Stereophonics. Still, Bruno only had a couple of barks and seemed happy enough.