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The Womb

Had a great meeting at Siyavula open textbook this morning and another one on the advisory board of a project looking at unbundling in higher ed at the end of the day. In between I popped to the art gallery where there was a knitted Womb exhibit you could crawl inside. This helpful advice was outside

Somme installation

There is an artwork like the[url=] poppy fields down Cardiff Bay [/url]to represent the men of the Welsh Fusiliers who died in the Somme. It lights up at night, so is better viewed then

Gwen John

I’m doing the final assignment of my Art History course on Welsh artist [url=]Gwen John[/url]. We have to develop a research question concerning the display of a work of art. I have chosen one of hers, so yesterday went into Cardiff National Museum to do some research (how the placement of her work relates to other artists, etc). I picked up some Gwen John swag while I was there, for inspiration when I’m writing. A book, a reproduction of “A Girl in Profile”, and yes, a mug.

Gates of Hell

I spent the day at unesco in an OER symposium. This evening I popped over to the Rodin museum. The sculpture garden is amazing. This is the Gates of Hell. The detail is like your worst nightmare. I want a set for my garden.

In the cloud

Had a good Chicago day today – we saw the Cloud sculpture that features in every film about Chicago & did the art institute.
Then this evening it was another Hawks game. This time against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was an easy win 7-2, some great goals.