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The Cranes of Ibycus

Travelled up to Birmingham today for an ALT strategy meeting. I was on the train at Cardiff when it was announced that all trains were cancelled. By coincidence my colleague Simon Horrocks was also on the train, heading to Milton Keynes. He drove us to Bristol.
Here are the cranes on the Cardiff station redevelopment. In the story of Ibycus the killer gives himself away by pointing to the cranes. I’m not sure what these ones mean

Virtually connecting

I’m at ALT-C for a few days (I become chair of Alt this year). I’m also an advisory buddy of Virtually Connecting a community who get people to participate remotely at conferences by organising hangouts with speakers. Here Josie Fraser, Sue Beckingham & Jane Secker chat to the VC crowd.

European OER

We had a small bit of funding to bring together a group of European OER people to discuss setting up a possible EU focused OER interest group. It went very well, so we’ll try and get it off the ground. There were many more people we couldn’t invite so we need to ensure it is open and inclusive.
It was rather odd having these discussions about working together across Europe as the UK prepared to take a vote on whether to leave. Anyway, a nice meal was had in Milton Keynes.