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Monte Bianco

Went for a 10 mile hike today with wife and daughter. This is looking toward Mont Blanc. Went so high, my daughter had an altitude nosebleed (she thought this was fab), and it started to hail as we descended and the last three miles were in driving rain. But, it was amazing, these are the UTMB trails, and my wife wants to try for the [url=]CCC[/url] next year, and my daughter to do some walking and stopping in refuges.

The colosseum

After offering ourselves up as a smorgasbord for mosquitoes last night, we caught the train into Rome today. My daughter has been keen to see the colosseum, so today (in the brain-frying heat), we walked around it, the forum, the pantheon and the trevi fountain.

Wot, no wifi?

We arrived in Rome today, where it is an oppressive 38 degrees. In French swimming pools you have to wear speedo swimming trunks, in Italian ones you have to don swimming hats. Both measures are designed to make middle aged men look ridiculous.
I have struggled to get decent wifi at any campsite, certainly any good enough to upload photos, so some back-blipping will be required.

Look at the lean

We travelled down to Pisa today, stopping at a campsite that is remarkably only ten minutes walk from the tower. Like everyone else we did the ‘pretend to hold it up’ photo shoot, but I think this one really captures the lean.

I don’t get boats

We had a family meal down the marina this evening. I must admit I don’t really get boats, people crave them, and spend ridiculous amounts of money on them, but I don’t get the whole boating as leisure activity thing. Just as well as I could never afford one.

Inov8 in the sand

We travelled down to Juan Les Pins today where we met up with some family. My wife and I went for a run along into town in mid-afternoon heat, and dipped into the sea at the halfway point. It was very refreshing, although the slightly chaffing run on the return was less delightful.