St Teilo’s research

For my MA in art history I’m doing a thesis on the murals in St Teilo’s church, which was restored and moved to St Fagans museum. I contacted them and today i spent with a researcher who helped me go through the archives. It was very generous of them & really interesting. Bought this book afterward

Garage clear out

I cleared out my garage today – 10 years of assorted camping paraphernalia, bat and ball games & various hobbies adopted by daughter and then abandoned. It was cathartic but also a bit sentimental. Still at least I can get from one side of the garage to another now.

Neutral Flat White Hotel

Daughter was being a pitch side assistant for Wales Poland women’s hockey match today so I walked into town while she was busy. Inevitably that meant going to Spillers Records, where I bought this copy of Neutral Milk Hotel’s classic album and then had a coffee.

Hoka One Ones

I only get new trainers every couple of years but after last week’s marathon I got some blisters so got some new ones. I like Hoka as they have a massive sole which cushions impact and I have old mans hips to protect.