Stand up to racism rally

Daughter and I went to a stand up to racism rally at Cardiff uni tonight. I sometimes feel these events are more about making ourselves feel better than actually achieving anything. But it was good, all the speakers were articulate and daughter came away inspired. It did feel like being back in the 70s, with rock against racism and the like. This is where we are now.

Gentleman’s Dub Club

We saw this band at Nozstock festival & daughter saw they were in town so we went to the Tramshed in Cardiff. This was her first proper gig, and it was a good choice. They’re a lively band and it was like a big party. Was kinda nice to be in a place where people were just enjoying themselves at the end of this week.

Dogs are still here

After the calamitous events in America overnight it was hard to do anything today. It’s not just that my choice didn’t win but that someone so fundamentally unqualified for the job gets it, makes you think “what’s the point of any of it?”
But had to work on a course today which was actually distracting enough. And Bruno was still here, needing affection & walks & food.