As a teenage boy, I listened to a lot of Springsteen (it was my only nod to non-punk). I sort of stopped around the time of Born in the USA, but Nebraska remains a favourite. I bought his autobiography today which has been getting good reviews.

The Cranes of Ibycus

Travelled up to Birmingham today for an ALT strategy meeting. I was on the train at Cardiff when it was announced that all trains were cancelled. By coincidence my colleague Simon Horrocks was also on the train, heading to Milton Keynes. He drove us to Bristol.
Here are the cranes on the Cardiff station redevelopment. In the story of Ibycus the killer gives himself away by pointing to the cranes. I’m not sure what these ones mean

The food of farce

After the tragedy of June 23rd the country has very quickly descended into farce, as Marmitegate attests. 2016 is so Kafkaesque now that Kafka would have dismissed it as too injust and random. I am practically snorting this stuff now by the hour to get through.