Brief sunshine

There have been reports of heatwaves across the country. Not in Wales. Yesterday it rained so hard that daughter got sent home from school (there was a fire alarm & they all got soaked). Today on my morning run there was a brief spell of sunshine then it just sort of clouded over. So this photo represents the past couple of days – teasing glimpses of sunshine

Vendetta time

It was the first home game of the season tonight, against Braehead Clan. Trevor Hendrikx who played for us for 2 seasons & is now at Clan was returning for the first time. It’s fair to say he’s quite bitter about being traded. Within the first couple of minutes he started a fight with Lord (his old coach), and then refused to shake hands at the end. His penalty led to us scoring and we beat them 5-1, so in the end it wasn’t a smart move.
Still, there’s not many jobs where you visit the old place & have a big fisticuffs fight with your old boss, and not get arrested for it.

Virtually connecting

I’m at ALT-C for a few days (I become chair of Alt this year). I’m also an advisory buddy of Virtually Connecting a community who get people to participate remotely at conferences by organising hangouts with speakers. Here Josie Fraser, Sue Beckingham & Jane Secker chat to the VC crowd.