Bring the storm

I took Bruno to Ogmore beach today. It was a stormy day so it’d be fairly quiet I thought. But I had managed to coincide my visit with a Dachshund club meeting. There were hundreds of the yappy little beasts. Bruno was most perplexed as they all growled and snarled at him. Then it rained so heavily I thought I might cry. We came home

London tourism

Up in London for a few days tourist duty. Daughter is doing GCSE history and this year they’ve switched to Jack the Ripper as a topic (I blame Michael Gove). We went to the Jack the Ripper museum today – it was shit. We also had a walking tour by some conspiracy believer. But it was a nice day in London

KHL in town

The first pre-season game took place this evening against Zagreb. They play in the KHL, which is only just below NHL in quality. The players were just so much better than ours, and we lost 6-0. This wasn’t a surprise really and it was just a pleasure to see such s good hockey team

Dolphin spotting

Daughter and i went to New Quay today to go on a dolphin spotting cruise. A couple of years ago we went on one in Scotland. No Dolphins were spotted. Guess what? Zero dolphin spotting return this time also.
We met OU chum Simon Horrocks & his family for a fantastic ice cream after, then drove back. I’ve not been to west wales before and New Quay was lovely. But dolphin free.

Chepstow races

Daughter is with me for 3 weeks but as the holiday budget was blown on Chicago earlier in the year, we are having a staycation. Being a teenager she doesn’t get up until midday so it works quite well – I work in the mornings & take half day in the afternoons.
Today we went to Chepstow races where I won only on one race out of 7. It was actually decent weather though, the first time I can remember that at the races.