Hanging with j5

Festival day 2. The proximity to people ALL the time is a bit wearing for an introvert. But we’ve seen some great bands, topped off tonight by Jurassic 5. They hung around the stage after and daughter got her hat sighed & photo taken. She was v happy so good dad points were earned,


Daughter is into hip hop & rap legends Jurassic 5 are playing at this small festival. So here I am – I think The Cure headlined the last festival I went to. It’s quite a small, family friendly festival so let’s see if I survive

The one eyed man

(this photo is from last Sunday, but posting it with this date)

Last Sunday I woke up with a painful eye. It got worse and by Sunday morning I was in agony. I went to A&E, something I haven’t done since I was about 13. It turned out I had a corneal abrasion. The nurse took this photo with my phone. See that green blob by my pupil? That’s a big scratch. A week before something had flicked up in my eye, and after a ¬†day’s blurry vision, this had cleared up. But it had weakened the protective layer (the doctor reckoned), so when I rubbed it during the night I was just gouging the cornea like a massive idiot.
They said it should clear up in 48 hours but on Tuesday (when I should have been running a university wide workshop), it was worse, so I went back to A&E, and then got referred to the eye clinic. Here, like something out of A Clockwork Orange, they put a contact lens bandage on it to protect it, and told me to come back again in two days.
During this time I was a) whimpering quite a lot, b) unable to look at a ¬†screen and c) listening to a lot of Radio 4. It seems to be healing up now, after another visit, but it’s still blurry.
This means I have broken my long run of daily blips. And having done so, I’m not sure I want to carry on recording every day of my life, so I may be using Blip less now. See what happens when you rub your eye?

Pokemon GO

When my daughter was about 6 we spent a few months playing Pokemon Diamond on her Nintendo DS. It was a really good game, she could progress, didn’t get frustrated, we worked on strategies together, etc. So, when she came round tonight we downloaded Pokemon GO. I won’t go into all the issues and stories that are going around. It was quite fun to see a Pokemon in the real world. But I think it’ll wear off quickly for me. It’s a long complex game and I don’t want to be wandering around doing this. But I did think if there was a whodunnit or crime noir one where you had to find clues around your neighbourhood, that would be quite fun.

The homecoming parade

Wales had a homecoming parade today after Euro16. We got tickets for the free event in the Cardiff City stadium, and this is the bus arriving with Bale, Ramsay and co on board. The Manics played three songs, and then they interviewed the team and replayed the campaign. It was a very communal, joyous evening. Haven’t had many of those recently.