The teriyaki gang

I don’t really have a photo today – was busy catching up on work after 3 days out. I found I have 3 bottles of teriyaki in my cupboard – every time I go shopping I think “do I have teriyaki? I can’t remember, best get some”. I like teriyaki


This dragon was laughing at the England Iceland game. They often talk about football catching a nation’s mood, but they usually mean it in a positive sense. But there could be no closer match between the national mood and the England performance last night. I gave up supporting England long ago, it’s always a joyless affair, so couldn’t even rise to any indignation. It was just meh.

Some cheer

After the most depressing week I can remember, there was some cheer today as Wales beat Northern Ireland to go through to the quarter finals. Of course sport doesn’t really when thousands of people are losing their jobs, and many others are being abused and in fear of their future, but you have to find some things to lift yourself.


Voted Remain today. For me the choice has been largely a vote against a shockingly racist, backward looking, angry, anti-intellectual, small minded Leave campaign (not all Leave voters fall in this category, but wow, far more do than I had ever realised). I feel for people such as my daughter who can’t vote but will be impacted on this far more than older voters who will vote leave.
It’s caused me a good deal of anxiety over the past few weeks. It has been for more hate fuelled than a general election campaign and has left me wondering just what sort of country I live in. Hopefully some normality (eg a politician won’t boast ‘I don’t listen to experts’) will resume after today and it will be a Remain victory.

European OER

We had a small bit of funding to bring together a group of European OER people to discuss setting up a possible EU focused OER interest group. It went very well, so we’ll try and get it off the ground. There were many more people we couldn’t invite so we need to ensure it is open and inclusive.
It was rather odd having these discussions about working together across Europe as the UK prepared to take a vote on whether to leave. Anyway, a nice meal was had in Milton Keynes.


Daughter and I started playing Pandemic at the weekend. We like a board game, but this had way too many rules. “If it’s a Thursday, draw an extra card and hide it in your pants”. That kind of thing.