Somme installation

There is an artwork like the[url=] poppy fields down Cardiff Bay [/url]to represent the men of the Welsh Fusiliers who died in the Somme. It lights up at night, so is better viewed then

Tunnel of the Dead

There is a forest on the other side of the valley that doesn’t seem to have any paths, so today Bruno and I set out to explore it. We found the old railway track which led eventually to this closed up tunnel. I’m pretty certain a species of vampiric beasts live in here, coming out at night to feast on the locals.
I tried to find a path over the top of the tunnel, but it became very narrow and then disappeared altogether. There was a steep 300 foot drop the other side which Bruno and I found ourselves sliding down at one point, so I abandoned and turned back.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Daughter and I went to see this at the New Theatre tonight. It was fantastic, really funny. Not ‘oh look aren’t we smart laughing knowingly at Shakespeare” funny, but genuinely laugh out loud funny. Daughter loved it. I wonder what current comedy will still be as good 400 years hence?