Somebody got murdered

I was walking dogs through the woods by Coryton today when I noticed this bunch of flowers tied to a tree. I remembered then that last year [url=]a body had been discovered here, and a man arrested.[/url] I don’t know what became of the case, but must have been a shocking discovery for someone.
PS – in case anyone is thinking of visiting me, this is not a normal occurrence.

Dog-proof is not a challenge

Bruno went down the bin and spread the contents everywhere for the first time last week. Since then he’s decided it’s the best game ever while I’m out. Today I bought a bin advertised as dog proof. I have my doubts. As teachers used to say about rulers marked “shatterproof”, it’s not a challenge

Here come the bluebells

I felt the bluebells were a long time coming out this year, but the good thing about keeping a photo journal is I could check back. Last year I blipped a bluebell photo on [url=]May 10th.[/url] They were a bit more advanced than this, so it is probably exactly the same growth as last year. Nature, eh?

Can you even Amazon?

I ordered a couple of physical books from Amazon the other day, rather than Kindle versions. I mistakenly ordered the LARGE PRINT version of Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour. It’s already quite a long book, but especially bulky in large print version.