I had another day at UNESCO HQ today. It’s a marvellous 1950s building. One can imagine people in sharp suits smoking a lot inside.
Had a mini travel fiasco today. There was industrial action in France today (because, France). So I organised a shuttle bus to take me to the airport instead of the train. Then I got a text from EasyJet saying my flight had been cancelled. The one tomorrow was full, so I booked on a BMI flight instead. I then needed to get cash to pay the shuttle driver, and the cash machine ate my card. Felt a little bit like crying at this point. But it all worked out in the end and I was home by 9.30.

Gates of Hell

I spent the day at unesco in an OER symposium. This evening I popped over to the Rodin museum. The sculpture garden is amazing. This is the Gates of Hell. The detail is like your worst nightmare. I want a set for my garden.


They’re building a hydroelectricity scheme at the local weir. It has been closed since last June so it’s a major construction. I wonder how much electricity it will generate. We have three weirs going down towards town, I often thought you could create small scale hydro-electricity pumps at them. We get a lot of rain in Wales, so there’s always water flowing at a good speed and volume over them.

Phonics beer

Popped Bruno down the refurbished local today. They boast having a guest ale, but it seems to be a Brains guest ale, which tastes like most of the other Brains beers. This one is named after the Stereophonics. Still, Bruno only had a couple of barks and seemed happy enough.

Lacing up

Went for a skate before the Devils game tonight. This was a quarter final to get to the playoff weekend next week. We were awful and lost 4-2 to Dundee. We have tomorrow night to pull it back though

Pub upgrade

Our local has been a bit rundown for a few years, but the brewery Brains, have finally got around to doing it up. It reopened tonight & the entire village was in there. Looks great, so I’m going to have to make it a regular stopping off point with Bruno

The Code

This is current bedside reading. It’s about fighting in ice hockey. It’s an odd thing, ice hockey is the only team sport where fighting is allowed, but there is a very strict code about it. The book isn’t really glorifying fighting but exploring the code and how some people view it as a positive (the argument is that knowing if you mess with someone the enforcer will get you, stops dirty play), but also lists the injuries and damage it causes.
There is a Cardiff Devil supporter, [url=http://cardiff.academia.edu/VictoriaSilverwood]Victoria Silverwood[/url] who did a PhD in this concept of legitimised violence. She’s publishing a book on it soon, which will be an interesting accompaniment to this.