Digital competence

I had a meeting at the Welsh Government Offices today. I’m part of the QA group for the digital competence framework that is being developed for Welsh schools. It’s very ambitious and really seeks to go beyond just building IT skills, and embed digital citizenship throughout the curriculum.
Good meeting, and it was sunny. Had a sneaky beer after with Dave White

Bye bye BBT

It was last game in the Big Blue Tent for the Cardiff Devils tonight. They moved in 10 years ago on a ‘temporary’ basis while the new Ice Arena Wales was built. That got mired in political and financial difficulties, but it is finally opening in two weeks.
We played Coventry Blaze tonight. It was a fantastically frustrating game, we had most of the possession, but were incapable of scoring, and lost 2-1. As well as being a disappointing end to the BBT era it probably means the end of our league title hopes, so a disappointing night all round.

Gordon Sq

Was up to London today for my first ALT trustees meeting. It was in Gordon Square – these squares really are one of the best characteristics of London.
Train cost £224 from Cardiff. For that on Expedia I could’ve got a return flight & 2 nights accommodation in Rome. Still privatised railways FTW eh?

A slip up

Last night the Devils won away at our main rivals, Sheffield. We played them again at home tonight. A win here would put us 6 points ahead. But we lost 5-4, which meant it was only 2 points. The final push for the title will be close.
I don’t like to moan about refs, but our one had a shocker tonight, disallowing a good goal, and not calling anything. But the Devils defended poorly, letting in a couple of sloppy goals.

Hawks swag

Daughter had one Blackhawks hat before we went. She got another in the Blackhawks shop. In the sports museum she saw the Holy Grail – a Patrick Kane signed hat. It was quite cheap, so I helped her purchase it.