Chubacca saves

Saw the Devils play Edinburgh Capitals tonight. We are top of the league, they are bottom, so you might expect an easy win. This was not the case, primarily down to their excellent netminder, Chubak, who made 64 saves. We scored 2 though, and they got 1, so managed to squeak the win.

Not Bake-off

Like a lot of teens my daughter spends a lot of time watching odd videos on Vine and YouTube. She has found a page of ‘cooking hacks’. On a bored, rainy Saturday in between revising for her chemistry test we put a few of these into practice. This masterpiece is a Reese’s peanut butter cup sandwiched between an Orio, then covered in melted chocolate. It is then sprinkled with crushed up bits of the Orio. I dread to think what Mary Berry would say.

Chemistry riff

I try to read a book every week, which means I can end up going down particular routes, due to recommendations and ideas. Currently I’m read popular chemistry history books. Here is Mendeleyev’s Dream, Napoleon’s Buttons and The Madame Curie Complex.

Clumsy dog

Bruno is quite clumsy. I’m not sure if it’s related to his partial deafness, partial blindness or general clumsiness. Anyway, I was out with him in the forest a week or so ago and he came running past me, looking up at me happily. He couldn’t coordinate running and looking behind himself and wiped out, rolling over a few times. He bashed his head, but it wasn’t serious. You can see a few of the patches where the fur hasn’t grown back above his eye. Doofus.

Sneaky mid-weeker

Had a rare mid-week hockey game tonight. Devils played Dundee Stars in the Challenge Cup quarter final. We were already 3-0 up from the first leg, and went into a 5-3 lead by the 3rd period. We put our backup netminder in then and there was a bit of a wobble when it got back to 6-6 (still 9-3 on aggregate), but we won 7-6.

Expensive bit of plastic

Yesterday a very small bit of plastic that connected the plunger to the seal broke in my loo cistern, meaning the water wouldn’t shut off. I couldn’t repair it myself so got a plumber out. He had to remove the whole loo, replace the filling system and the pipe and put it all back together again. One of the problems with these plastic ones is you can’t just replace a part. Anyway, I found out he lives just over the back of me and was a nice chap, so it’s good to know a decent plumber. So for the sake of about 1 mm of plastic I spent nearly 50 quid. Sigh.
PS – no matter how clean your house the inside of your cistern always looks as though you live in a crack den.