Year in photos

9 photos in the collage above. Not necessarily the best, but they represent the year: travel, ice hockey, dogs and daughter. Not a bad year, but not a great one either. Another one where I did a photo every day, think that’s the 4th time I’ve done that, with a break in between.
I’m hoping next year has more of the same, plus maybe a bit extra.

Cover up

After that silly football nonsense last night, it was back to a proper sport tonight. Devils played Manchester Storm. We went 2-0 down, but won 5-2. Here, their netminder Kalemba covers up the puck. He was later to be the centre of some controversy, when he got a penalty for diving, and was then sent off for abuse of the official. He refused to leave the ice, so the ref, erm, changed his mind and let him stay.


Took daughter to her first football game tonight (& my first league game for about 19 years). It was Cardiff City vs Nottingham Forest. It started brightly enough, 1-1 after about 15 minutes, but sadly that was how it ended too.
It’s all a lot more civilised than when I used to go to see Middlesbrough at Ayresome Park in 90s. Daughter quite enjoyed it, but concluded that it wasn’t as good as ice hockey.

In a blaze of…

We travelled up to Coventry today to see the Cardiff Devils play Coventry Blaze (again, basically, assume we’re always playing Coventry). This is one of their players emerging from their inflatable dragon’s head thing.
We weren’t as good as yesterday, and Blaze had what looked like a decent goal disallowed. We scrapped to a 3-3 all draw and then won it on overtime.
So not exactly a blaze of glory on either side, but a good 2 points. Was a fun day out, the trip to Coventry is a bit of a Christmas tradition and there was lots of away support there.

Value of a dog part 2

I blipped a few days ago that one of the [url=]benefits of having a dog[/url] was that it made you get out of the house and do walks you wouldn’t otherwise. Another benefit is being able to go to the pub with one. I don’t have many people locally who I can just pop down the pub with, but I like to go for a pint in my local every now and then. Going in and sitting on your own feels slightly loserish, but hey, walking in with a dog has that “I was just out walking my dog and popped in for a pint” narrative. And Bruno likes the pub, so that’s good.