Token grace lakes

Fellow blipper Tridr[url=]al linked to this app[/url] called What3words – they have divided the land surface of the world into 3x3m grid and then randomly assigned 3 word triplets to each. The argument is that these are easier to remember, and that many areas don’t have formal systems such as postcodes. I’m not sure it’s an improvement on the traditional methods, but it is fun. So the point where this was taken from (of Castell Coch) has the poetic name [url=]token.grace.lakes[/url]. A nearby one was, erm, with.bumpy.nurses

Not a dog

I have shifted over my tropical fish tank to coldwater and bought a couple of fantails today. They’re nice and everything, but I’m missing my dog, and with Sandy gone, I’m seeing less of Pip too. I neeeeeed a dog!

Puck sponsorship

I got my daughter the puck sponsorship at Cardiff Devils tonight. For 25 quid you meet the player of your choice, get a signed puck and pick up a framed photo next week. She chose Kurka of course.
We played the Nottingham Panthers tonight. It was a tight game and they were better than us for 2 periods, but our netminder, Ben Bowns kept us in the game at 1-0 down. We levelled, and then won in a penalty shoot-out with Bowns stopping all their shots. No surprises that he got MOM.