For the first time I’ve engaged in a bit of a run streak. This involves running every day. The rules state it has to be at least a mile. I’ve been doing my 4.4 mile loop most days, a couple of 2 milers & a couple of long runs. It’s quite tiring – I’ve been having daily naps like an old man (oh, wait, I am an old man). Anyway – made it to day 18. The test is now if I can keep it up with conferences & work.

Beach huts

These are new beach huts down Barry Island. I think there were beach huts there many years ago, but these are all shiny and new. You can’t buy them like London hipsters like to for a few hundred thousand pounds, but just rent them for the day.


This my labrador, Sandy. She is 10.5 years old which is getting on a bit for a lab. She has had a few bouts of illness over the past year, and after the most recent round we had The Talk. But she rallied and seems happy and healthy at the moment. Here she enjoys the 15 minutes of sunshine we enjoyed today. Here’s to ya Sandy.


Made scones – they didn’t rise as much as I’d hoped, despite following Delia’s advice. Tasted good though. Had one for breakfast, another at lunch and you know, probably dinner too. With homemade jam also.