A $5 shake

Daughter and I went to see Inside Out today. I thought it very clever and moving, she just mocked me. Afterwards we had a meal in SmokeHaus where she had this shake, and then we played indoor mini-golf in the [url=http://adventuregolf.com/]Treetop Adventure golf [/url]place, inside the multi-storey. It was packed, mini-golf is the business to be in. I prefer my mini-golf outdoors though.


Daughter was back today, so she wanted to go up the stables this evening. The fact that it was raining miserably didn’t deter her. She hasn’t jumped Brandy before so we set up a course with some low jumps to get him used to it. I got very wet. Considering I don’t really like horses I seem to spend a lot of my time around them. It’s a shame she couldn’t have got an interest in something I like, say becoming a fromagier or something.

Fruits of labour

Yesterday’s jam making meant lovely fruits of the forest jam this morning for breakfast, yes, I could have bought a jar for about a third of the price it cost me to make it, but that’s not the point. I made strawberry jam today.

Urban beach

They’ve set up an [url=http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/cardiff-bay-beach-2015-seaside-9572015]urban beach down Cardiff Bay[/url]. It’s not exactly beach weather (it rained heavily all day). Tried another cafe, [url=http://www.thedeckcoffeehouse.co.uk/]The Deck[/url], for my flat white today, it was very nice.

Flat white economy

This phrase, thanks to a[url=http://www.amazon.co.uk/Flat-White-Economy-Douglas-McWilliams/dp/0715649531] book of the same name,[/url] has been bandied about a lot. Basically it’s hipster, digital types with an under-appreciated economy in cities.
As you will all know, I am very much a renowned hipster (ahem) so I’ve decided on days that I’m working at home I’m going to try out different cafes to work in.